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Fright Night

Seventeen-year-old Charley Brewster is a fan of a horror television program called Fright Night, hosted by former movie vampire hunter Peter Vincent. One evening, Charley discovers that his new next-door neighbor Jerry Dandrige is a vampire responsible for the disappearances of several victims. After telling his mother, Charley asks his girlfriend, Amy Peterson, and his friend, "Evil Ed" Thompson, for help before contacting the authorities. Detective Lennox goes with Charley to Jerry's house to question him, but his "roommate" Billy Cole tells them that Jerry is "away on business". Charley reveals his suspicions about Jerry's vampirism, and Lennox leaves, furious. That night, Charley is shocked to see Jerry inside his house, having been invited in by Charley's mother. Later, Jerry visits Charley and offers him a choice: ignore his vampiric activities, or else. Charley refuses, brandishing a crucifix at Jerry. When Jerry tries to push him out the window to his death, Charley stabs Jerry's hand with a pencil. Jerry destroys Charley's car in retaliation and threatens Charley over the telephone.

Fright Night

Jerry hunts down Ed and turns him into a vampire, then Ed proceeds to visit Peter and tries to attack him, only to be warded off when burned by a crucifix to the forehead. Meanwhile, Jerry chases Charley and Amy into a nightclub. While Charley tries to call the police, Jerry hypnotizes and abducts Amy, who resembles Jerry's lost love, and bites her. With nowhere left to turn, Charley attempts to gain Peter's help once more. A frightened Peter initially refuses, but then reluctantly resumes his "vampire killer" role. Entering Jerry's house, the two are able to repel Jerry using a crucifix, though only Charley's works since he has faith in its spiritual power. Billy appears and knocks Charley over the banister, while Peter flees to Charley's house. There, he is surprised by Ed, who attacks him in the form of a wolf, only to be pierced through the heart with a broken table leg held by Peter. Removing the stake from Ed's body, Peter goes to rescue Charley and battle Jerry.

A few nights later, Peter returns to his Fright Night TV series and announces a hiatus from vampires, presenting a film about alien invaders instead. Charley and Amy watch the program as they embrace in bed. Charley gets up to turn off the TV and glimpses red eyes in Jerry's now-vacant house, but dismisses them. Unbeknownst to both Charley and Amy, a new neighbor has just moved in.

William Ragsdale had auditioned to portray Rocky Dennis in Mask,[9][16] but he lost the role to Eric Stoltz. Casting director Jackie Burch remembered his audition though, and thought he would be right to portray Charley Brewster. Ragsdale auditioned several times and ultimately received the news that he had landed the part on Halloween night 1984,[12][15] beating out several other future-stars like Charlie Sheen.[17]

Tour the Old Fort at night! You will be guided by a historic interpreter who will present the Old Fort as it was in the early 1800s. Hear tales of encounters with the ill-fated Lieutenant Philip Ostrander, the Old Fort's resident ghost. Purchase a sweet treat from the Bake Sale and enjoy stories by the fire while you wait. Keep an eye out for the Headless Horseman!

Little signs never seen as anything less than ominous: coffin, shadow, light turned off in conjunction with scream. A horror film created in the mind and chanted into existence, with an atmosphere that can only be described as love. Fright Night, as moonless night, as humid sensuality, as public access roaring like an analog fireplace, consumes all passion in the universe and translates it back, a feeling as strong as a late-night double-feature.

Float in the wave pool or kick back in a lounge chair for weekly movie nights on our gigantic LED screen! Movies are rated G or PG. Keep an eye out for special themed movie nights with games, costume contests, and prize giveaways.

Charley Brewster (William Ragsdale) is a teenage horror movie fan. One night he sees new neighbors moving in next door and they appear to be carrying what looks like a coffin. Charley shrugs this off until he sees his new neighbor Jerry Dandridge (Chris Sarandon) biting the neck of a young woman. He tells his mother (Dorothy Fielding) what he saw but she doesn't believe him. He tries to tell his friend "Evil" Ed (Stephen Geoffreys) and girlfriend Amy (Amanda Bearse) but they also believe Charley is mistaken and begin to worry about his mental well-being. Charley calls the police claiming that he saw Dandridge killing his date and that there is a coffin in the basement. The police investigate and not finding the hooker (Heidi Sorenson) and the teenage girl (Irina Irvine) they tell Charley to never call the police again or he'd be thrown in jail forever.

Charley then decides to seek the help of veteran vampire movie star and local late-night horror showcase host Peter Vincent (Roddy McDowall), who after a long and mediocre career has become cynical and dispirited. Vincent visits Dandridge with Brewster in order to persuade Charley that he's deluded (by asking Dandridge to drink tap water labeled 'holy water'), only to find that Dandridge casts no reflection in his mirror.

Amy and Charley, at the time, happen to be crossing the streets when they see Dandridge following them. They run into a night club, but Dandridge follows them, where he hypnotizes Amy. Charley attempts physical combat, but Dandridge subdues him. He then leaves with Amy to his house.

As Charley and Vincent enter the house, Dandridge welcomes them to what he calls 'Fright Night', used to describe the night encounters that follow. Vincent has a brief moment of fear, in which his faith is too weak to activiate the power of the cross against Dandridge. The latter orders his ghoul servant Billy Cole (Jonathan Stark) to kill the duo, but they shoot him repeatedly and stab him until he dies.

William Ragsdale had auditioned to portray Rocky Dennis in Mask[3] but he lost the role to Eric Stoltz. However, casting director Jackie Burch remembered his audition and thought he'd be right to portray Charley Brewster. Ragsdale auditioned several times and ultimately received the news that he'd landed the part on Halloween night 1984, beating out several other future-stars like Charlie Sheen.

Students from the Theme Park Engineering & Design Group (TPED) and NU Nights came together on Friday night to host Night at the Haunted Museum, a one-of-a-kind collaboration between the two registered student organizations (RSO).

With the Louis Room draped in black, students dressed as scare actors appeared behind sets designed by TPED to appear as the hallways of a haunted museum. A fog machine and pre-recorded audio elements added to the immersive experience that delivered a fright to students who walked through the event on Friday night.

The movie sets up a delightfully wry cat-and-mouse game as the heroes search for vampire rules online, and the vampires simply change them on a whim. The breezy direction allows plenty of room for the actors, especially a hammy David Tennant (Doctor Who), to stretch out and shine. The end result is a mood that's funny and playful, like a really good late-night movie on TV. 041b061a72


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