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Korean Air My: How to Access Your Boarding Pass and Skypass Card with One Click

Korean Air APK: A Review of the App Features and Benefits

If you are a frequent flyer with Korean Air or a member of its loyalty program SKYPASS, you might want to download the Korean Air APK app on your Android device. This app is designed to make your travel experience more convenient, personalized, and enjoyable. In this article, we will review the main features and benefits of the Korean Air APK app, and compare it to other airline apps.

What is Korean Air APK?

Definition and description of the app

Korean Air APK is an app developed by Korean Air Lines Co,. Ltd for Android devices. It is a personal travel app that allows you to book flights, check-in, access your boarding pass and SKYPASS card, view your itinerary, get real-time flight information, view baggage load status, and more. You can also view the cabin of your aircraft with the 360 VR experience, and enjoy exclusive member benefits by tier. The app is compatible with Android 5.0.0 (21) (Lolipop) or later.

korean air apk

How to download and install the app

You can download and install the Korean Air APK app from Google Play Store for free. Just search for "Korean Air My" on the store, or use this link [Korean Air My](^1^). After downloading, you can open the app and sign in with your SKYPASS account or create a new one. You can also sync the app with your Wear OS device to access your mobile boarding pass and SKYPASS card.

What are the main features of Korean Air APK?

Booking, check-in, and ticketing

With the Korean Air APK app, you can easily book flights, check-in online, and get your ticket on your device. You can search for flights by date, destination, class, fare type, and number of passengers. You can also filter your results by price, schedule, duration, stopover, etc. You can pay for your booking with various methods such as credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, etc. You can also manage your booking by changing or canceling your flight, selecting your seat, adding extra baggage, etc.

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You can check-in online from 48 hours to one hour before departure for international flights, and from 24 hours to 40 minutes before departure for domestic flights. You can choose your seat from the seat map, enter your travel information such as passport number and contact details, and get your boarding pass on your device.

You can also access your ticket on your device anytime. You can view your ticket details such as flight number, date, time, class, fare type, etc. You can also print or email your ticket if you need to.

Personalized travel info per itinerary

The Korean Air APK app provides you with personalized travel information based on your itinerary. You can view your upcoming trips on the " home screen of the app, or add them manually. You can also view your past trips and their details. For each trip, you can see the following information:

- Flight status: You can check the departure and arrival time, gate number, terminal, baggage claim, etc. of your flight. You can also get real-time updates via the app's push notification. - Travel guide: You can get useful information about your destination such as weather, currency, time zone, visa requirements, etc. You can also access the Korean Air city guide for tips on attractions, restaurants, shopping, etc. - Airport info: You can get information about the airport you are departing from or arriving at such as location, map, facilities, transportation, etc. You can also view the lounge information and access the lounge coupon if you are eligible. - In-flight info: You can view the in-flight entertainment, meal, and duty-free catalog for your flight. You can also pre-order your duty-free items and pay with your SKYPASS miles or credit card. - Customer service: You can contact the Korean Air customer service center or chat with an agent via the app. You can also access the FAQ section for common questions and answers. View the cabin of your aircraft with the 360 VR experience

One of the unique features of the Korean Air APK app is the 360 VR experience. This feature allows you to view the cabin of your aircraft in a virtual reality mode. You can see the seat layout, amenities, and design of each class and cabin type. You can also interact with the cabin by tapping on the screen to zoom in or out, move around, or switch seats.

This feature is especially useful if you want to preview your seat before booking or check-in. You can also use it to explore the different cabin options and compare them. To use this feature, you need to have a VR headset or a cardboard viewer.

Real-time flight info via the app's push notification

The Korean Air APK app also provides you with real-time flight information via its push notification service. You can receive notifications about your flight status, gate changes, boarding time, baggage claim, etc. on your device. You can also customize your notification settings by choosing which types of notifications you want to receive and how often.

This feature is very convenient if you want to stay updated on your flight without having to check the app or website constantly. You can also share your flight information with your friends or family via email, SMS, or social media.

View baggage load status

Another useful feature of the Korean Air APK app is the baggage load status. This feature allows you to check if your checked baggage has been loaded onto your flight or not. You can see the status of your baggage by entering your baggage tag number or scanning the barcode on your tag.

This feature is helpful if you want to confirm that your baggage is on board and avoid any mishaps or delays. You can also use it to track your baggage in case it is lost or delayed.

Login by using PIN number or biometric authentication

The Korean Air APK app also offers a convenient way to login to your account by using a PIN number or biometric authentication. You can set up a four-digit PIN number or use your fingerprint or face recognition to access your account without entering your ID and password every time.

This feature is secure and easy to use if you want to save time and protect your personal information. You can also change or reset your PIN number or biometric authentication settings anytime.

Confirm boarding pass and SKYPASS card offline

The last feature we will mention is the offline confirmation of boarding pass and SKYPASS card. This feature allows you to access your boarding pass and SKYPASS card on your device even when you are offline or in airplane mode. You can scan your boarding pass at the airport security checkpoint or boarding gate without needing an internet connection.

This feature is handy if you want to avoid any hassle or inconvenience caused by network issues or low battery. You can also sync your boarding pass and SKYPASS card with your Wear OS device for easier access.

What are the benefits of using Korean Air APK?

Exclusive member benefits by tier

If you are a member of SKYPASS, the loyalty program of Korean Air and SkyTeam alliance, you can enjoy exclusive benefits by tier when you use the Korean Air APK app. Depending on your membership level (Morning Calm Club, Morning Calm Premium Club, Million Miler Club, or Morning Calm Club), you can get the following benefits by using the app:

- Bonus miles: You can earn bonus miles when you book flights, hotels, car rentals, or duty-free items through the app. You can also redeem your miles for flight tickets, upgrades, lounge access, or gift cards. - Priority service: You can enjoy priority service when you check-in, board, or claim your baggage. You can also access the priority security lane and immigration fast track at selected airports. - Lounge access: You can access the Korean Air and SkyTeam lounges at various airports around the world. You can also invite a guest or a family member to join you at the lounge. - Discount coupons: You can get discount coupons for various services and products such as airport parking, in-


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