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[S2E9] Smooch Or Share

Nick tries to lighten the mood (and kiss some girls) at the sleepover with a new twist on Truth or Dare. The Shame Wizard meets his match. Jessi vows to change her ways. And Jay and Matthew share their first kiss.

[S2E9] Smooch or Share

Andrew shares a disturbing reunion with his cousin while his mother experiences the early stages of menopause with unexpected results. But the show-stealer is Morty Glourberman with his constant rage and impatience, including a hilarious gag with the opening credits.

After they kissed due to a game of smooch or share (a mix of truth or dare and spin the bottle) in season 2 episode 9 (and also kissing again in the gymnasium shortly after), Jay began questioning his sexuality. Their relationship was cut off after Jay showed no interest and Matthew got a boyfriend (Aiden). But, after Matthew saw Jays, uh, member, Matthew began crushing on Jay. They got together at the end of the latest season.

So that is probably it for our new friend Carol Johnson, as she heads off to the next mountain with her tail between her legs. Luckily, she did get a big smooch out of Raylan Givens, even if that was all the U.S. Marshal would give her. 041b061a72


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