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Chris Brown Good Times

r kelly did all rnb and invented many things and touched many genres gospel,motivational songs.edm, rnb,pop,hiphop,regea,opera,trapped in closet plus he wrote for all the greates from albums to singles.the greatest story teller in music.non of these cats would fuck with kells.chris brown and usher would not hold a candles to that nigga music catalog he wrote, produced and arranged for himself and other artist plus his remixes of just his songs and other artist remixes plus features.he made it cool to freak and made the hits on top of it from kids songs too.he made different music so it was hard for you to expert the same thing from his music he was way to diverse and usher and chris where helped by the fact they could dance that wat made them stand out

Chris Brown Good Times

"When we played it at Carl Albert, it was so packed you couldn't even throw the ball inbounds from the baseline," Nelke said. "Playing in it, a college gym, as a high school player, that was big-time. It's still big-time but I miss it for these kids now. We had a run there, and I remember all of those times with those guys. That's the time of year you start to ramp it up. There's lot of good times looking back on that tournament." 041b061a72


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