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A collection of iconic products, arising from our passion for distinctive and exceptional tiles: Classics Foxtrot, Classics Kho Liang Ie Collection, Classics Tide and Classics Trocadero. Foxtrot is an ivory-coloured wall tile that is reminiscent of the 1930s. The Kho Liang Ie Collection is an iconic design classic: glossy, geometric, and textured. Tide is a series with artisanal-styled glaze tiles which provides feature walls with a vibrant warmth and textural appeal that is associated with handmade tiles. Trocadero is a classic, glossy wall tile with facet edge, an ode to the well-known metro station in Paris. In short, all the Mosa classics in one collection.

le collect

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Vol. 6 title reads: Species général des hydrocanthares et gyriniens, par le docteur Ch. Aubé; pour faire suite au Species général des coléoptères de la collection de m. le comte Dejean.

BHL acknowledges the existence of harmful content in many biodiversity science publications and original materials included in its collection. Please read BHL's Acknowledgment of Harmful Content for more information.

BHL operates as a worldwide consortium of natural history, botanical, research, and national libraries working together to digitize the natural history literature held in their collections and make it freely available for open access as part of a global "biodiversity community." 041b061a72


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