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Although Zahir beat his brother, he had to be clever if he wanted to keep the prize. In the first round, Zahir met Wladimir Klitschko and didn't look back. By the eighth he had shown that he could hurt his opponent, and the champion may have had a surprise in the offing. Klitschko had to react and counter, but his massive reach became nothing when Zahir came in and hit him with some good shots. He didn't let that up in the eighth and, in one of the bouts of the year, he made up for his mistakes. Klitschko is a big-time puncher, but a punch to the body wasn't moving him when Zahir tagged him there.

zahir pos 6 full crack 150

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One can't judge Zahir by his Olympic and U.S. achievements, because that competition was a world-class field. He was one of the few Americans to make it out of the U.S. Olympic Trials. I am really proud of the work that he and my brother did. When the Olympics came around, he had three fights in 13 months. Of course, he was in his 20s and they were tough fights. The bottom line is that he was a very good American fighter but he could not match the great heavyweight athletes like Wladimir, which is why I had him put his name in for the chance to fight top fighters. Now he has had the opportunity to fight four great heavyweights, and he knocked out all of them, with one to go for the title if they can reach a deal. The fact that he has knocked out all the heavyweights is impressive. Against younger fighters, he did not look like a heavyweight at all. He has a lot of talent, and his power is impressive.

Hakim showed me his phone. When New York City lost the bid, the first call from his agent came at 3 a.m. Two calls later, it was a ticket to the World Cup final. Hakim told his mother the first, and only, World Cup he had been promised, knowing it was a long shot but still, theres no way he wasnt going. Theres no way he wasnt going either. Im going. Hakims dad joked that Hakims mother shouldnt be surprised, or even disappointed, because he had been a bad boy. Az-Zahir hakim has a secret, one he's finally willing to share after 13 strained years. At 23, the St. Louis Rams' wideout is an engaging young man who's well-liked by his teammates. Yet none of the Rams' players know a thing about Hakim's unique story. In fact, only a handful of family members and friends have any idea that while Hakim was developing into an open-field threat, his father was relying on equally slick moves to survive in a far more dangerous arena.


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