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[S11E20] One Flight Down

Meredith leaves the trauma room and she asks a nurse and Alex where Arizona is, but they don't know. She really needs Robbins. She looks in some supply closets and finds Arizona sitting on the floor in one of them. Meredith sits down next to her and they remind each other that they're not the ones who were in the plane crash. They tell each other that they're okay. Arizona saw a guy with a severed leg, reminding her of her own leg. Meredith repeats they're okay and says that the girl can't find her boyfriend, like she couldn't find Derek after the plane crash. They repeat they're okay.

[S11E20] One Flight Down

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Richard is telling his story to a couple of colleagues. He says he felt the vibrance of the engine in his chest before he actually saw the plane. He says that when he looked up, he immediately saw the descent was in trouble. He says the plane practically scraped the roof of his car. Jo and Maggie are amazed, but April appears not to be. "How close were you again?" she asks. Richard doesn't reply and leaves to go check on things in the ER. Alex comes on. He's looking for Torres for a consult. April informs him she's in OR 6 and she asks if Alex has been working with Arizona today. He says she's yelling at him to do crap, but he guesses that's normal. He asks about Meredith. Maggie wonders what they're talking about. April says they had a bad experience on a plane. Maggie immediately starts telling a story of the worst flight she's ever had, but that was only about waiting for 4 hours while the plane had mechanical problem, but then the plane got cancelled. The others' faces tell Maggie that it was way worse than that. Alex leaves April to tell the story.

Amelia smilingly tells Owen that Kate's memory is coming back. It's still incomplete, but she expects a full recovery. Owen shortly thanks her and walks off. She follows him and says that even though he called her the one who's playing games, she's here ready to talk, but she's getting punished because he's pissed at her. Owen says he's not punishing anyone and says he doesn't want to do this. Amelia angrily says she wants to do this because this is unfair. She drags him into an on-call room. He tells her to back off. She wanted professional, so he's giving her professional. Amelia says he's hardly being civil. She's sorry if she hurt his feelings. He blurts out that this is not about her. He says that he was the one who put Meredith, Derek, Arizona, Mark, Lexie and Cristina on the plane that crashed. He was in charge of choosing the airline. He doesn't care how long he's been out of service, it was his watch and they were his men. He failed them. When a plane crashes, it brings all those feelings of guilt back up. Amelia silently sits down next to him and takes his hand. He says he won't survive another plane crash. That's all the two of them are together, about to crash. She lets go of his hand and walks out. 041b061a72


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